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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming in a few days: Rabia's hijabs to trade

Assalaam Alaykum!

My digital camera is both dead and missing, I'm trying to finish a game before my assigned press date, and I'm studying for a professional exam. As a result, I've neglected this project. But I just ordered a new camera and hopefully will have photos of what I'd like to trade or pass on by the end of the week. Here's a little sneak preview and in the form of a story.

I'm new to wearing hijab, but I've covered my hair for a long time. At the moment, my hair is about thigh length, so I need BIG hijabs. I have a few that are just too small for the way I prefer to tie them (see youtube above). So I will have a few skinny scarves in a variety of colors to trade.

Also, it's getting warm. I have one pretty green pashmina that I didn't wear enough this winter I'd like to trade.

Also, for some reason, I have acquired several niqaabs and a boushiyya. I think they're beautiful, but I'm not moved to wear them. So if you're interested in a black cotton boushiyya, like the one they sell at Caravan Express, I have one to trade, provided you wear it! I'll keep the niqaabs for now. I can't bring myself to let them go.

Gotta think about what I'm looking to trade. Something big and shawl-like, silky or cotton, good for summer, and colorful (Maybe blue or green).

So here's a non-hijab question for you, gentle readers. I'm pretty strict in my "no religious debates" rule both on my blog and in the Google group. Why? Because on the internet we tend to react to each other not as humans, not as sisters. It's easy to dislike someone because of a few words she said. Maybe she said them on a bad day. Maybe you react to what she says when you're having a bad day. Then it all falls apart. That said, if you are moved to comment, and I hope you are, please be gentle on your fellow commentators. Don't react to labels.

Easy question: Muslimahs? Tell me about the mosque or masjid you attend. Non-muslimahs, tell me about the [place of worship] you attend. How big is it? What's the building like? What's the sisters' section like? What do you like or dislike about it? What kind of programs are there?

I'll start, and perhaps this will give more insight on why I am not inclined to host religious debates on the internet . I'm new to this mosque. It's TINY. The sisters' section is about 12' x 10', and there's a partial barrier. The mosque is on the second floor in a little shopping area in the center of Amherst, Massachusetts. The people who attend are a mix of converts and life long Muslims. It's in a college town, so there are lots of college students. Best of all, the first time I went to Jumu'ah, the sisters greeted me warmly, and I felt right at home. Last Wednesday I started going to the Wednesday night halaqah. The halaqah discussion was insightful, inspiring, and thought provoking. I went home thinking, "yes! This is why I love Islam!" I love talking theology, face to face with people, relating to them in a way you can only do when you sit in the same room, share the same air, and relate in a way humans are naturally programmed to do--communally, in the presence of each other. It made me (using the New England vernacular) wicked happy.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for photos of hijabs to trade, and while you're at it, join the Google group so you can trade hijabs, and so more people will be in the Google group!